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Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 – 1988)
Basquiat was a fascinating and complex artist who is now regarded as a major painter of the 1980s. His work – and life — continue to inspire artists and viewers around the world. He has achieved a cult status among the young, with his impish grace, disregard for “bourgeois values” and the intensity of his work. Unfortunately, as with any cult figure come many myths about the man, his life and his art.

This site is based on a critical respect for Basquiat’s work, and the recognized need for accurate information on the artist on the web.

In this site you will find:

  • a chronology of his life and major posthumous events,
  • an updated “Basquiat Blog,” with news relating to the artist,
  • details on many of his important paintings, and links to reproductions in print and on-line,
  • updated list of where to see his work, in galleries and permanent collections,
  • updated list of works at auction,
  • a historical listing of Basquiat exhibitions,
  • lesson plans, to help teachers integrate the study of Basquiat into the curriculum,
  • a bibliography, and Internet links to more, evaluated sources.

This site is also used to back up and supplement the book Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Biography (published Greenwood Press, 2010). The book is a based around a chronological account of Basquiat’s life, but seeks to give a flavor of his times, and focuses on the themes of his art and individual artworks. It is written in a straightforward style suitable for young people and those learning about the artist for the first time, but anyone seeking greater appreciation of the artist, his times and his work will find it of great interest.

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